What We Do

Work Here, Work There enables your remote employees to work effortlessly, comfortably and safely.

Our last-mile remote working solutions take care of your tech, your office furniture and your employee health and safety. Wherever your pain points lie, we’ve got you covered.

Simple. Reliable. Effective.

Ultimate peace of mind

Your remote workers deserve the same level of service that they get in the office, so that’s what we give them. We can onboard and offboard your remote employees, repair hardware, provide SOS troubleshooting and securely recycle old kit.

We provide the furniture and equipment your remote workers need, and conduct display screen equipment assessments and electrical safety checks.

By taking the additional workload off in-house IT and HR teams, we free them up to focus on their strategic and core operational work.

There when you need us

We provide the remote IT support and wellbeing support that your home-based workers need, acting as an extension to your current IT and HR teams and fitting into your existing processes.

You choose when and where you need us. We take care of everything else.

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Our Services

For office-based teams, hybrid working teams and fully remote workers, we can support you. Our remote IT support services cover all of the below and provide business with seamless IT assistance. Remote IT assistance doesn’t have to mean you compromise on customer service or quality. We will work with your business based on your specific company IT needs.



You can provide a full, in-person onboarding IT service for new remote employees.
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Ever had equipment returned, only to discover that there’s a charger missing?

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Hardware Repairs

Our hardware repair service takes the pain out of maintaining your equipment.

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SOS Troubleshooting

We deal with everything from connectivity issues to failed updates.

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Recycling and Renewal

WEEE recycling with confidential data destruction.

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Equipment Leasing

You can even lease your IT equipment from us, and have us provide remote IT support.

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Did you know

we can deliver a laptop to your employees door