It’s Time To Take Remote Working Seriously

Remote working is here to stay. Yes, a few big corporates are encouraging/forcing staff back into the office, but the majority of companies are looking towards a future of work that’s a lot more remote than it used to be. 

“Many companies saw remote working as a temporary necessity originally,” comments Work Here, Work There’s Andrew Ferguson, “but attitudes have shifted. Smart employers are now seeking to harness the benefits of remote working as a long-term arrangement, to drive up employee happiness, wellbeing and productivity.”


Getting remote working right


The latest CIPD research reveals that, after the pandemic has ended, 40% of employers expect over half their staff to work regularly from home. Yet many companies are still not geared up for efficient remote working. 

A year into the pandemic, TechRepublic cited O2 as a high-profile example of this, with only 65% of the company’s staff feeling that it was prepared for the future world of work. While employees welcomed the idea of a fully remote (38%) or hybrid remote/office (38%) working model, they felt that closer alignment was needed across the company’s IT, HR and operations departments. 


Facilitating the new normal


This is where Work Here, Work There comes in. The company supports employers to achieve what they need to for maximum efficiency in remote and hybrid working situations. Spanning tech, Health & Safety and worker wellbeing, the company specialises in making remote working safe, comfortable and effortless. 

According to McKinsey, 52% of workers would prefer a more flexible post-pandemic working model, where they can be in the office some of the time and work remotely some of the time. 

“Hybrid working is the future,” concludes Work Here, Work There’s Andrew Ferguson. “It’s high time employers stepped up to deliver safe, effective models for this.”