Last Mile Remote Working Tech Support In Action at Perricone MD

Perricone MD is a holistic, three-tier skincare and wellness system consisting of diet, essential dietary supplements and potent topical skincare solutions. When the pandemic struck, the company (like so many others around the globe) was ill-prepared for the sudden switch to remote working. As such, Chief International Officer Tracey Mann called on the expertise of the Work Here, Work There team.

Now, Tracey shares here experience of using Work Here, Work There’s last-mile tech support service.

Over to you, Tracey…


What were you using Work Here, Work There for? Which services was the company providing?


When we entered lockdown for the first time, Perricone MD wasn’t set up for working from home – it wasn’t how we operated. As such, we engaged Work Here, Work There to provide all the technical support services we needed. That encompassed support with kit, such as phones and laptops, as well as systems and services such as WiFi and email systems.

Work Here, Work There took care of everything technical for our existing employees and helped with onboarding and offboarding throughout the lockdown period and beyond. We relied on them for remote support and for emergency cover for our team of nearly 30 staff, both those based within London and those spread across the UK.


How did this benefit your business?


The support that Work Here, Work There provided was immensely powerful in enabling us to operate during the pandemic. The took care of everything from setting up phones and connecting people to WiFi to dealing with laptops breaking and systems going down.

Having the team on hand was about more than just practical support, though. They provided a real sense of safety – the reassurance that, whatever happened, they would fix it fast. They were proactive in helping us plan and responsive when issues arose.

Being able to rely on that level of flexible, agile support mean that we coped better than a lot of larger business when it came to adapting to working from home. It meant I could focus on operational and commercial matters and have complete peace of mind that the tech side of things was taken care of.

We certainly wouldn’t have been able to perform as well as we did throughout the pandemic without Work Here, Work There on board.


What’s the best part of working with Work Here, Work There?


I think it’s their overall approach. From the top down, the company just has this very positive, solution-focused attitude. Nothing is a problem for them and they are always prepared to go above and beyond.

There was one time when my mobile phone died ahead of an important call with a client, and they got a new phone set up and out to me that same morning. Another time, we let them know that an employee was leaving, and they were on-site with the individual to collect their equipment within half an hour. Support like that is invaluable when it comes to keeping a business moving.

They were also willing to work outside of office hours regularly. As our head office was in San Francisco, this meant a great deal. Work Here, Work There kept everything up and running and worked across the time zones so that we could interact well with our HQ – day and night!


What did it mean for you to have the support of Work Here, Work There?


It was a great comfort. The Work Here, Work There team felt like real partners to Perricone MD – like an extension of our own team, rather than an outside service. They helped us to embrace working from home during the pandemic and to shift our business model to incorporate it more permanently. As a result, our employees have a better work/life balance and the company’s productivity has increased.

I also appreciated their intuitive understanding of the challenges and stresses that tech not working presents. That was very reassuring.

Thanks Tracey!

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