Talent Retention In The New Normal

Did you take your employees out for lunches or after-work drinks, pre-pandemic? Maybe for company away-days somewhere swanky? Many such events have (understandably) fallen by the wayside. However, it’s still essential to keep your workers engaged to retain all that talent. So, what can you do to keep remote employees feeling connected?


A multi-levelled approach


According to Andrew Ferguson, Managing Director at Work Here, Work There, engaging remote workers requires an approach on multiple levels:

“Keeping workers connected means engaging them on an emotional level as well as taking care of practical details. Remote working can be isolating, so companies need to think about how to unite their teams.”

A recent survey by All Things Hair found that 58.89% of people reported increased feelings of loneliness as a result of working remotely, but there are steps that companies can take to combat this.


Supporting wellness


Supporting wellness can involve anything from starting a Slack channel for people to share their healthy lunch photos to launching an incentivised company fitness programme.

Supporting mental wellness is also key. Hangouts and non-work-themed virtual sessions can bring teams together in new ways. Why not ask your employees to contribute their ideas, to help them feel connected and heard?

In practical terms, providing DSE assessments and the right furniture can help employees feel their wellness is being supported, while keeping them connected with the right technology can reduce their isolation.


Time for treats


Thoughtful gifts can also go a long way. How about sending each employee a personalised food hamper, then getting together over Zoom for lunch? Or treats designed to suit each employee’s interests? As Work Here, Work There’s Andrew Ferguson points out, “Such rewards will cost you far less than losing your top talent and having to recruit new staff!”