The New Way Of Working Is Here To Stay

Twitter employees can work from home forever, should they so wish, while Spotify and Salesforce staff are welcome to work from anywhere. For many progressive companies, the pandemic has provided a testing ground for exploring new ways of working productively from home. 


Fast-forward to remote working


Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, was already pushing the concept of home working before anyone had ever heard of Covid-19; the pandemic simply caused the company to hit the fast-forward button on its plans. Other companies were caught more on the hop but have nonetheless embraced the potential that home-based working can deliver in terms of increased productivity and employee happiness. 

“When it’s managed well, home working can deliver impressive results, as Jack Dorsey has been pointing out for some time,” comments James Moir, Director of Operations at Work Here, Work There. “There are plenty of benefits to be reaped when you have the right structures in place to support employees both emotionally and practically.”


Meeting employees’ needs


For many companies, home-based and remote working is relatively new territory. That means understanding that employees will need a different style of support. In practical terms, it means providing the right tech setup and ensuring employee health, safety and wellbeing. 

The push by companies to provide longer-term home working solutions is driving demand for the Work Here, Work There team’s services. Employers are tackling virtual onboarding and offboarding, equipment repairs, meeting home working H&S regulations and a range of other issues for the first time. 

“This new way of working isn’t going away,” continues Moir. “As such, companies that are looking to get the best out of remote working, while also meeting their health and safety obligations, are seeking professional support in making home-based working a solution that delivers the right results for all concerned. This is the future of work.”