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Your Employees Safety At Home

Are your remote employees daisy-chaining power cables and adaptors to power their computers and monitors? Are they using mobile phone chargers that overheat when plugged in for too long? Are their laptop cables or other cables starting to fray anywhere?

How do you know?

Electrical safety for remote workers is a headache that companies could do without. Thankfully, with Work Here, Work There supporting you, there’s nothing to fret about.

We undertake electrical safety checks, including portable appliance testing (PAT), designed to ensure that each of your remote employees is working in a healthy and safe environment.

With us on board, you can tap into a network of experienced and qualified engineers, who will visit each of your remote workers in order to carry out electrical safety checks. Where any issues are identified, we will provide you with actionable recommendations that you can carry out to ensure each of your workers is safe and that your legal obligations are satisfied.

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Work Here, Work There Deliver:

DSE assessments

both virtual and on-site

Electrical safety checks

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we offer portable appliance testing too